Goldfaire VII: Paintings and Vaults

Goldfaire VII: Paintings and Vaults

Goldfaire VII: Paintings and Vaults
Base Game

Blends gameplay elements from the previous games. This one has it all! Players travel the country to solve one of Europe's enduring modern mysteries.

On the eve of Lord Smith's retirement a priceless painting by the Impressionist master Claude-Pierre Cyrier, stolen by the Nazis during the Holocaust & marked "1/13," is intercepted by Lord Smith's Intelligence agents at the Swiss border. Lord Smith is determined to find out which Goldfaire gang or gangs are smuggling these paintings, and thereby which Goldfaire banks are involved in this crime. Goldfaire is a nation of laws—malfeasant banks MUST be punished!

To expedite his very last task as Lord Commander of the Goldfaire Intelligence Network, Smith declares that whichever Operative catches the most Banks will become the next Commander. Players can choose to act as one of these Operatives and win by identifying the most Banks so they can be referred to the Ministry of Justice for prosecution.

But this game has another theater of action. The Knights of August know the reality of the Holocaust all too well—in fact, rescuing Jews and other undesirables from Nazi concentraion camps was the reason they were founded. When the Knights hear about what's happening, they take it upon themselves to find these paintings and make sure they find their way to the survivors of the unfortunate souls who bought them. It's time that these valuable properties were returned to their rightful owners!

The Knights need no incentive; theirs is a zealous and unending campaign for what's right. But that doesn't mean they lack competitive spirit. Players can act as a Knight and win by recovering the most Paintings before they disappear into subterranean private bank vaults.

In this way, Smith's operatives and the Knights work the case from both ends, beginning at the Northwestern border with Switzerland and ending deep underground in private bank vaults.

Lord Smith believes they have only until dawn to stop these artworks from disappearing once again.COMING SOON 

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