Goldfaire V: The Rebellion

Goldfaire V: The Rebellion

Goldfaire V: The Rebellion
Base Game

An asymmetrical strategy game for two teams of two. The archetypal tale of good vs evil!

Things have never been so bad in the Kingdom of Goldfaire, which languishes under the oppression of the Morgold Empire. The time for rebellion has come! 

Prince Edward knows that he will need the support of the 7 Lords of Goldfaire if he wants to get his Kingdom back. 

But the Wizard has counseled Prince Edward to look for support in low places, too: the 7 Gangs of Goldfaire. It's a big job, and the Wizard has offered to help. The Emperor has help also, from the regional Governor. Thus, there are exactly 4 players.

One player, acting as Prince Edward, must earn the support of the 7 Lords. Another player, acting as the Morgold Emperor, must battle the Prince for the support of those Lords.

Another plays as the Wizard, & must earn the support of the 7 Gangs. The fourth player is the Governor, & must beat the Wizard at getting the support of the Gangs.

Whose side will YOU be on? COMING SOON 

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