Goldfaire IV: Diamonds of Death

Goldfaire IV: Diamonds of Death

Goldfaire IV: Diamonds of Death
Base Game

A prequel to, and more complex version of, Goldfaire I. Great for lovers of mystery!

Ten days after her father Alfred's death by a heart attack, Queen Margaret is shot & killed by masked Gangsters as she exits a theatre. When her son, heir to the throne Prince Philip, learns that Margaret stood to inherit a massive trove of flawless diamonds, he begins to think the unthinkable: that Margaret's own brother, Duke George, was behind the murder. He confronts Duke George but emerges from the meeting convinced of his innocence.

Then Prince Philip & Duke George announce a brazen plan: using the diamonds as reward currency for clues that might lead to Margaret's killers. 

Sure enough, as soon as the Duke announces his and the Prince's scheme, information starts trickling in—and the diamonds start trickling out, into the hands of a motley cast of royalty and beyond. 

With the diamonds they earn from selling information (which often turns out to be worthless), the late Queen's inner circle begins buying information—from lower-rung aristocrats, wealthy friends, even from each other—& selling it at a markup to Duke George and Prince Philip (or to each other).

One evening, Lord Smith tells a group of the Royals that a pattern has become noticeable in all the legitimate clues. What if all the real information is coming from the same person? And what if that person is in fact the very person who conspired with Gangsters to kill the Queen? The truth is out there. But who will find it first? COMING SOON 

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