Goldfaire III: Daze of Empire

Goldfaire III: Daze of Empire

Goldfaire III: Daze of Empire
Base Game

Two players cast spells, swing swords, and collect defensive amulets in this thrilling continuation of the epic saga.

Long ago, in the misty Kingdom of Goldfaire . . .

King John (who is just a child in Goldfaire I) is old & has succumbed to madness. In the chaos, the city-Kingdom of Goldfaire has been invaded & conquered by the Morgold Empire, and the King has been decapitated. King John's only son, Prince Edward, has fled into the countryside. 

Meanwhile, the Wizard is leading an effective Resistance campaign of sabotage & subversion. Gabriel IX, Emperor of Morgold, has ordered the Governor to capture & kill the Wizard.

The Governor has hired a vicious bounty hunter known as the Jackal to find and kill the Wizard. This game is played with two players, as a showdown between bounty hunter & Wizard. COMING SOON 

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