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There's Room for Everyone in Goldfaire

Are you a power-hungry aristocrat? A gangster? A wizard? All eight of our games (each unique) are set in the misty Kingdom of Goldfaire, a nation by turns harrowing and hilarious, full of secrets and hidden agendas. Are you ready to fight for (or against) the royalty of the realm? Stay tuned: our games will be ...

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The Goldfaire Way

If you were looking for a new universe to discover, want to fight for royalty, or against royalty, or as royalty. . . join us in Goldfaire! Each game continues the story with radically different mechanics. Some are card-based, and others have map boards, dice, and tokens. Some are for two players; most can ...

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Our Story

All Goldfaire Games were written by the poet Hart L'Ecuyer and designed by his cousin and oldest friend, RISD graduate Kevin Cochran. How did it come to be? Hart was fighting terminal cancer and needed a way to pass the time. After a slew of defeats on the battlefield of creation, Hart struck proverbial gold with ...

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